A day in the life of Mr Fox & Kitty Cat


-Would you like some tea Kitty Cat?

-Oh yes, please!


-What is that?

-It’s called a “Pain au chocolat”


-Look Kitty Cat, We’re going to eat a Pain au chocolat!



La Récréation.PhotoGrid_1509452462814.jpg

-Hello Mister Wales. Hello Miss Princess…

-Can my Teddy be Mister Wales BFF?


-Look we made a drawing of you and Tom!

Aww, thank you, guys! That’s really sweet!


Time for bed.IMG_20171029_212216_813.jpg

-Make sure you brush your teeth!

-Hmmm Hmmm!!


-I’m a super Pillow Warrior!!

-Aaarggh, please Kitty Cat spare me!!


-Sweet dreams little ones.



Today has been one of those days where I felt “hyggeligt”. I’m borrowing the Danish word, “hygge” here because there isn’t any other way to describe a feeling of pure cosiness and peaceful delight.  Hygge (or to be hyggeligt) is a Danish word use to express a very particular feeling of wellbeing and cosiness, either alone or with […]

DIY: Wrap Skirt

The wrap skirt reminds me of long Summer holidays under a tropical heat… Well, not that we will ever experience such heat here in England, but I have to admit that we’ve had a somewhat decent Summer so far… obviously with some pretty horrid cold and rainy days from time to time, but I’m not […]