Day Out / London Cat Village

“Omg Omg Omg!!!” is pretty much how I felt the whole time.

Last Friday, Tom and I took some time to hang out in London. You know the usual, lunch, light shopping and see what’s on at the British Museum, or any cool exhibition we’ve heard of. Working from home has its perks, if I want to take the Friday off then I’ll swap it with my Saturday since doing museum visit can be a bit of a nightmare on the weekend.

Tom had an interview for an animation job somewhere near Old Street station.  In the meantime, I wondered down Shoreditch to wait for him with a cup of black Americano and my sketch pad, while watching the high street come to life with ongoing passers-by.

An hour later, Tom caught up with me and we headed down Brick Lane for lunch. We grabbed some salt-beef bagels, at “Beigel Shop” a can of fizzy drink to share and went to sit down in the Boundary Gardens nearby, all along planning what to do next. We decided to stop by the British Museum (classic).

It’s on our way to the tube station, at the junction of Charlotte Road and Rivington Street, that we (I say we, even though Tom claims he spotted the cats first! LOL) noticed two gorgeous cats looking out from a barred window.

We had just stumbled upon London Cat Village!! 😀 OMG, OMG, OMG!!


Basically, the sheer cuteness and beauty of the cats act like a magnet luring you into this Cat Village, which was more like Cat Heaven to me!


Luckily the lady that was running the Cat Village, told us that we could come in if we wanted since there was a vacant spot at that time. (you’re supposed to book in advance)
Obviously, this was an opportunity we weren’t going to miss!!

We were amazingly surprised with the price. Only £5 per person for an hour, and you have to buy at least one drink or cake, and they were priced like any other regular coffee shop.

We went for a tea pot of Earl grey and the “Unicorn are real” rainbow cake!



There were a few house rules to follow. The lady had already explained to us the basics, such as not disturbing the cats when they are asleep, not leaving our foods and drinks unattended, no use of flash on our cameras and to not pick up the cats but instead let them come to us if they fancy it!

Well, we all know that a cat chooses you, you don’t choose a cat!


Here’s what the Cat Village looks like on the inside.


The cafe is on two levels. Upstairs are the seating areas, with the “Cat parkour” with loads of sleeping area for them to relax and chill…or just sleep, as Cats do!



Even though the place was heavily themed it didn’t feel kitsch and over the top. I think the hints of grey throughout and the natural material were just right. Something heavily colourful or clinically white would have been a bit odd.



Plus when the cats are away you can still look at their gorgeous portrait, and why not?!


For the first 10 mins, the café was pretty quiet. Tom and I were the only guests mingling with 5 sleeping cats all around us.

Like this one…


And this one…


And that one…


Oh and this one too! This one barely left his spot and barely acknowledged us… because you know, CATS have no boss!


One of the highlights was that Tom even got chosen! While I was desesperatly trying to be seen by one of the cat, this one walks up to Tom and jumps on his lap! (I must have died a little inside…)


This is him taking his little nap later on.


At the bottom of the stairs, was the Cat safe area. It’s where they go when the upstairs space gets too busy and they need a little break from all the love.


Here, they can take some time out and we were very respectful not to come to close and just admire them from afar with little interaction as possible.


After a while, more cats came up simultaneously as more people started to turn up. We only had 20 mins left and we made the most of it.

All along, I was feeling in-between crying with joy and throwing myself on the floor with excitement. London Cat Village is such a peaceful place to have a break. The atmosphere is very relaxing and being surrounded by animals really helps you shut down the street and shift your focus from a moment. It’s just you enjoying the company of the pets and often trying to be acknowledged by them.


This was an unexpected find! And one which will become a little retreat in the heart of London when you feel like taking a break. London cat village also offers movie night, meditation and detox activities while mingling with the cats.

So next time you are strolling down Shoreditch, on Rivington Street, open your eyes and look for number 47 if not look for the cat at the window you can’t possibly miss it!





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