My name is Claudia T.L. also known as “Lilasoul” on the web.

I often feel out of place.

I was born in Portugal of Cape Verdean parents but grew up in France. I spent most of my life there and most of my Summer holiday in Lisbon at my Grandparents house. I speak too many languages to speak one very well, and I’ve been shaped by so many cultures that I’m eternally chasing the place where I belong.

Many moons ago, I moved to London to finish my studies and successfully got my BA in 2D animation.

I stayed in London. I also lived in Sweden for a year, only to return with a broken heart but a sense of self and want stronger than ever. I work as a freelance 2D animator and Game Artist, for a New Zealand based company.

And I’m in love with the perfect man for me, and we just had a baby in 2018!

Life is good!


After several attempts to start and keep up a blog, I finally feel like I am ready for this. Perhaps it’s because it feels right? The timing is right or I’m in the right state of mind for it?

My wishes for the blog is to find the perfect balance between sharing and retaining certain privacy. It is mainly to share the things I love, my travels, my attempts at photography and whatever I feel like giving out.

This blog, along with my ART Stations is an extension of myself, another outlet to express my feelings and interest in general in my life.

Life is a fascinating adventure and I want to cultivate it like a precious garden.

I hope to keep this blog as active as possible, but feel free to nudge me a little if I procrastinate 🙂


4 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s nice to meet you! I’m glad you’ve decided to make a go of your blog. I liked your last post, “mood board and inspiration”. What wonderful experiences you’ve had living in so many places! I so want to travel and especially to the places you’ve been. I’ve seen your artwork you’ve displayed on instagram! Wow! I love it. You are very talented. If I could draw like you, I’d have my work all over my home! I hope you keep on sharing. Best wishes to you! Koko:)

    • Lovely to meet you too! Thank you for stopping by as it has made me discover you in return and I feel very happy and lucky about that! Strange how someone can enter your little world and warm your heart even though you’ve never met them ^_^

      Much love to you! Xx

      • I so agree with you. I am so thankful to fall into blogs and meet amazing people like you! I am honored to see your world and am delighted by your artwork! 🙂

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