Day Out / Kew Gardens

A few weeks ago we headed to Kew Gardens after the electricity was cut in our building for the entire day. Tom and I both work from home now and without electricity, there is so much work one can do…meaning none.

Turns out it was a great excuse to enjoy the lovely weather and go for a little escapade. It was my first time to Kew Gardens, thanks to my friend ChloΓ© for reminding me about its existence. I first heard of Kew Gardens through the TV series ” Penny Dreadful”, weird huh?

We had a fantastic time and were enchanted by the gardens and the Palm House. Though there is so much to see that we are hoping to go back again.
The little highlight of that day is that we were asked by the communication/advertising team of Kew Gardens to have our picture taken. They were preparing for their 2017 advertising campaign and were asking various groups of visitors if they would be willing to pose for the camera. I guess we fall in the interracial couple category. πŸ™‚

I would highly recommend visiting Kew Gardens! It makes for a great family, couple or single day out all year round. Depending on what you want to see of course. However, we are thinking of visiting it during winter time too, and see how different the gardens may look.

Here’s a few snippet of our pictures to give you an idea of what to expect. Enjoy!

-C. xx



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