Day Out/ Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum

If you are looking for a bit of magic in London this Summer, make sure to visit the Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum.


This is what Natural History Museum had to say about the temporary event:

“Enjoy a perfect family day out wandering among hundreds of free-flying moths and butterflies from around the world, including species sourced ethically from Africa, South America, North America and Asia.”

During our visit, a couple of young children were petrified by the butterflies and were literally left tearing and sobbing heavily. However, most children had twinkling eyes and so did the adults.

It should take about 10 (if you’re a quick walker) to 20 min (if you’re more of a stroller) to look at “everything” and enjoy the company of these beautiful butterflies, but we stayed there for close to 2 hours! That’s how good it was.

For those of you who don’t know, I work as a game artist for Runaway. We make games that are Nature driven. Our games Flutter features butterflies and Flutter:Starlight features moths. We also have Splash, underwater sanctuary featuring sea and ocean creatures.

Ever since I began working at Runaway, my knowledge and appreciation for butterflies and moths have grown so much. (I am still scared and slightly creeped out by moths, though)
And because we use real references images of actual species to create our designs, becoming a “butterfly & moth spotter” in real life, comes with the job.

Since I have yet to travel to Asia and South America in order to have a chance to glimpse at some of my favourite butterflies and moths, visiting the “Sensational Butterflies” was the closest I could ever come to and it was truly AWESOME!

Here are some of Tom’s beautiful pictures (the crappy one are mine ^_^ lol)


The highlight of our day was when all the butterflies began to flutter around the greenhouse. Apparently according to the temperature inside the tent, they will suddenly begin to fly around to cool themselves.

It was such a sight and a magical sensation to be surrounded by over a hundred butterflies flapping around you. Some would land and stay put on people’s legs or shoulder. Truly a fairytale experience!

IMG_8063 copyIMG_803220160720_11110620160720_114513Owl Butterflies having a feast.



Caterpillar and chrysalisIMG_8024IMG_8070.JPGIMG_8067IMG_8072IMG_8135

There were only two moths on that day. Apparently, they have a Mimosa, also called Moon moths, but we could not spot it. The other one and only moths we managed to spot were this little dude but unfortunately, I can’t name it. I’ll just have to ask our researcher Jonas, from work πŸ™‚IMG_8087

I hope you liked them and feel compelled to visit you won’t regret it!



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