“Ici et maintenant” Travel Diary/Cape Verde. Nov.15 (Prologue)

Transcript from my travel diary (the actual moleskine one)

Last Entry: Sunday 29th November 2015. 17:08

The noodles are cooking on the stove. My washed and moisturised body is comfortably wrapped in my red oversized Ikea evening robe. My damp hair tucked away under a purple towel. Everything feels so familiar. Habits and gestures comes back naturally. I know this place. Everything is so easy and comfortable to do; too comfortable perhaps?

I find myself pleasantly content and yet I am almost annoyed for not missing that place a bit more. To have longed for it a little longer. Almost sad that I am not sad for having to leave.

The cold water from the kitchen tap reminds me where I am. The cold water from the tap in Cape Verde, was never so cold but rather cool. The kitchen tiles here are also cold. No sand sticks under my feet as I walk around the house with the heater on. Everything is comfortable and I don’t really want to fight that feeling.

I am glad to be home. Glad to pick up where I left things. My sheep skull, from my last trip to Scotland, was still seating on my desk. I put it back on the wall. The dried flowers that ornate the skull had fallen off on the day we left and I didn’t have time to pick them up and rearrange it all.

Yes I’m glad to find my room the way I left it. Simply because being here makes me think about there. Not so much as a longing feeling (it would be too soon for that) but as a moment I lived whole heartedly and honestly.

I am glad and content. I was welcoming this holiday as a getaway, an escapism  from the mondain of my life. Wanting to be away for a while from everything that can seem so dull and flat at times. But I realise now that this feeling of peace and joy I am experiencing now, at this very moment is because I managed (not sure how) to be in the moment. To let the days roll and enjoy it. To welcome change and discomfort. I do think we made most of it in the end, and I do not regret one bit. Even the little hiccups we encountered.

I soaked up all that I could while I was there, so coming home feels just like a continuation of a journey. I feel richer and somewhat more grounded.

In time I will retrace all those memories (for posterity as we say) on the blog. But right now I am enjoying this precious moment of being home too.

Tomorrow will comme soon enough.

I’ve just return from our trip to Cape Verde (including 2 stops in Portugal) I’ll be sharing the Cape Verde/ Travel Diary. Nov.15 stories in the coming days.