Dolls Update and News


It’s been a while, hey!
I’ve been pretty busy trying to juggle work, doll making and planning our wedding. All very exciting stuff but also very demanding and as usual, it’s the blog that takes the hit!

However, this time I won’t promise that I will try to make an effort and blog more regularly because honestly, it won’t happen. Life always gets in the way of things and I feel me saying that I will try to change that, is like me saying I’ll stick to my New year’s resolutions.  It never happens.
So how about, we live and let live, and see how it goes. 🙂

Now let’s talk about dolls!
In my last post, I was announcing the grand opening of my Etsy shop. Almost 3 months in and the journey is still as exciting and fun!


I opened my  Etsy shop with 10 “Petits Compagnons” and to my surprise, half of them were sold during the first month.photogrid_1486552183182.png

Psst…Lucas, Paul, Lulu, and Alice are still looking for a home. 🙂

I had the chance to create my first custom order for one of my lovely neighbour. She wanted a doll version of her dog, an Irish Setter named Purdey.

I also got to create these three little dolls for my twin cousins and my niece. How sweet and rewarding it was to watch them unravel their Christmas present and cuddle up to these little dolls right away. After that, they were very keen on creating little outfits for their respective dolls and I must admit I got pretty overwhelmed trying to teach them.


Making dolls is such a lovely creative outlet for me. Drawing remains my first love, but with doll making, I’m a little closer of seeing my imagination come to life. There is something quite magical to hold between your hand something you’ve pictured in your head first. To be able to touch their limbs and tickles their ears. To kiss their cheeks and whisper to them your secrets. It may sound very childish to a stoic grown up who’s forgotten how to dream, but for me and for many these “Petits Compagnons” we create for ourselves and others means much more than being mere ragdolls.

And this brings me to the world of dollmakers. In my doll making journey, I get to “meet” and share my experience alongside, incredibly talented, kind and passionate people. Of course, this perception is made possible through the glossy and polished eyes of Instagram, but the doll making community seems to be very supportive and sweet.

I’m aware that for most it is still a business, and even if I time I sense some sort of competitive tension going on, for the most part, or at least for me it is something personal and self-pleasing before anything else.


For example, one of the highlights for me was to join the Art Abandonment(AA) group on Facebook. I was introduced to it by a friend, and the idea behind the AA is for artist to create artwork and to then abandon it in public spaces for an unsuspecting passer-by to find and keep (or pass it on as a gift)
I absolutely love the concept! So I took part and since Tom and I had an upcoming trip to Copenhagen, I decided that is where I will abandon my little frog called Louis.
Louis was exclusively designed for the AA! We witnessed him being picked up and I still hope to hear from him one day. So if you are out there Loui’s mom or pop please say hello!


Louis got to enjoy Copenhagen along with us before we had to go our separate ways.


Right now I’m working on a new collection of dolls. Very different from the “Petits Compagnons” series. I also have a lot of mini project ideas which hopefully will be part of a bigger project I’m hoping to tackle this year but this will be a tale for another post 😉




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