Dernière ligne droite!

“Dernière ligne droite” is a french expression that would somewhat translate as approaching the last stretch.

So here I am and there I go! My new business cards have arrived, and I’m only waiting on the stickers for the boxes now.  Apart from that everything else is pretty much ready.

The Etsy shop is online:
The Facebook page is up and running:
And so his Instagram

Make sure you follow the Facebook page or the Instagram account to stay up to date with events and giveaways 🙂


The last doll is in preparation and should be ready this week, so sometime next week we should be good to go. I have to make small inquiries at the post office, get extra bits and bobs to decorate and wrap the packaging, but fingers crossed everything runs smoothly until then. 🙂

And before I go, let me introduce another villager from Little Puddle Bottom.

Meet Bunny Alice


Bunny Alice, is very much a little lady.
She loves pretty dresses and pretty bows,
But most of all she loves all things that grow.
She likes to spend hours on end in her little garden shed,
Arranging all sorts of bouquets from her flower bed.
If you ever come to Little Puddle Bottom,
Go and see Alice, and together, watch the flowers blossom.




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