When you’re scared to jump, dive!

Not far to go until my first set of dolls goes out for adoption. I must admit I am petrified. The whole idea makes me feel very vulnerable. I worry that people won’t like them, or find them ugly which will be devastating for me but even more for them! I can’t bare to let their feelings being crushed.


In all seriousness, though, being out there in the market is very scary to me. Even though I am not doing this for the money  – this is not a viable business, I’ve probably already spent more money than I will ever see returning to my pocket, let alone to make a profit lol – but I will feel very sad if I were to disappoint anyone who was to make a purchase and not be happy with it. Just the thought of it makes me feel terrible.

At times, when that feeling gets too overwhelming and I am too scared to jump, well…I feel like giving up. And yet, I am still here, pushing through the doubts and  insecurities and going with it. Diving into it!


Shop Banner for Facebook & Etsy.

I’m getting ready in preparation for the launch. Designing future packaging labels, putting myself out there on social media platforms. I’m scared but I’m giving it my all.


Mockups for packaging designs.

Semi-Final Packaging designs.


Business Card.

Despite the fear, I am still excited and having fun. Which I think is the most important for me. To have fun!

Some tiny outfit I’ve been making for the new dolls.
In fact, I’m having so much fun, that this whole project is expanding. It’s reconnecting me to my long life passion for drawing, which, since the beginning of this project I didn’t really have time to do. As I said before, each doll I create is much more than just pieces of fabric pieced together, like any of my drawings, there is always a story behind them.

So, I’ve decided that for each doll I make I should make a drawing and tell you a little bit more about it.

And this is how the village of Little Puddle Bottom was born (with the help of my beloved Thomas I must say! :D)

And this is Bunny Paul the latest doll.


Bunny Paul, loves long walks in the woodlands or enjoying a nice cup of tea and a book by the fireplace.
He is a little shy and quiet but with a heart as warm as a baked potato, he is one of the most loved neighbours of Little Puddle Bottom.  

Paul the bunny.jpg



2 thoughts on “When you’re scared to jump, dive!

  1. I’m happy to see that setting up the shop is coming along nicely. I hear you – it can be scary to begin the next step. The dolls are gorgeous, and all the details are so lovingly put together, right down to the packaging – I can only imagine the dolls will bring big smiles to their new homes. 🙂 I like Bunny Paul – very dapper indeed! Bon courage.

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