Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat: “Les Petits Compagnons”

It’s been an exciting journey! (so far)

Like one of the many diligent little elves that works in Santa’s factory, getting ready fro Christmas, I’ve been steadily working on my Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat doll project.


A few month back when I started (here and here.) I had no idea how this project will turn out. Would the trials and errors prove to be too much? Would I get bored of it sooner than I hoped for?

The one aspect I was fairly aware of from the start, was that I knew it would take time and I would have to be dedicated to see it through. The dedication part turned out to be the easiest one. The more doll I made, the more passionate and slightly obssesed I became.



Working on each doll never felt like work, especially after the third, and the forth, and so on. It got easier and easier, and most importantly more and more enjoyable.


It is true what they say, practice does make perfect. Truth be told, I have nothing to brag on perfection. These dolls are not work of perfection but work of love. They all have wonky bits here and there, a mishapen ear or a crooked smile, but this is what I love about them and truly what keeps me going. They are unique and beautiful in their own way.


When I’m working on a doll or an outfit, each step is exciting because they are full of promises. Unlike drawing, I have less control over the final outcome. I can’t (always) erase a stitch or fix the expression the doll will have in the end, just because I don’t like it or it’s not quite right.

I simply work and hope that when I look at them, my heart will be racing with delight. I truly fall in love each and every time. And I hope you will too!img_20161106_121604.jpgimg_20161108_104706.jpgimg_20161026_104528.jpg

This journey has been extremely fun and still is, not only for all the reasons stated above, but because family and friends have been very supportive and showing great enthusiasum and interest for the dolls.

So what’s next now?

I wasn’t expecting such a positive reaction towards the dolls, when I began shearing them on my Facebook. A lot of my friends quickly asked to purchase them but I wasn’t quite ready yet, but the demand and enthusiasm for them kept growing.


So I’ve created an Etsy store, which will officially be open in the coming weeks. I’m currently perfecting the packaging and branding style as well as creating further dolls and outfits. I also have others goodies I would like to incorporate to the world of Mr Fox and Kitty Cat, Les Petits Compagnons… but everything in it’s own time. 🙂


All in all I’m really excited and happy and can’t wait to share them! And I hope each  “Petits Compagnons” finds a good home and a good heart to adopt them.




8 thoughts on “Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat: “Les Petits Compagnons”

  1. Miss Claudia! These are so adorable. The sheep actually made me squeal with delight and pure glee! They are all incredibly cute. I can see a little bit of the strokes and style of your drawings/artwork in the dolls. The handiwork is just amazing; it’s wonderful to consider it a labor of love rather than perfection. Looking forward to seeing more on Les Petits Compagnons and the etsy shop.

    • Aww, Thank you so much Shirley. I’m glad you can recognise my style through the doll, that is something I’ve been wanting to achieve and I’m really happy it shows.
      I’ve always been attracted to things that are unpolished. I find beauty in roughness and scribbles and I wanted these doll to feel that way too.
      Thanks ever so much, again, for the kind words and support! ♥

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