Doll Making – Welcome Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat

So here they are!
The very first set of Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat with their respective little outfits is finally complete.

Making the clothes was rather tedious and I felt like giving up at times but I got there eventually and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.
As mentioned before, these two cuties will remain in our care to be loved and cherish by Tom and I ( and why not our future offspring someday) I’ll be working on different outfits and fashion style using these two as my models. This way I can choose what works best and offer the prettiest outfits for the Mr.Fox & Kitty Cat that will be up for adoption! πŸ™‚

This is a very exciting journey for me. Having had a few friends showing interest at such an early stage to purchase some dolls for their children or even their future children, is such a great compliment and a big boost of confidence!

img_20160910_191726.jpgMr.Fox’s outfit is composed of a blue and white stripe short-sleeve shirt, grey jeans, and a green jacket with two front pockets. *(the teddy bear is not something I made. Just a little addition from things I collect.)

img_20160910_115311.jpgKitty Cat’s outfit is composed of a light blue pinafore style dress with white heart print. A sleeveless camel jacket with two front pockets, and a light black scarf with bird print.

She also has a little bouquet accessory that I made out of real flowers and set to dry.img_20160909_190715.jpg

So what’s next now?

While the future sets are being created I thought it would be fun to make a visual web series of “The Adventures of Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat”
The prime reason for this is to showcase the various clothes I will be making and give a taste of what will be available for purchase eventually, but it is also a way of introducing you to the world of Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat and what they are all about.


Tom will be helping me with the photography. He is a much more talented photograph than I am and has a natural eye for composition and visual appeal.img_20160911_121117.jpg

The first “episode” or “album” will be up soon so stay with us to embark on the Adventures of Mr. Fox and Kitty Cat!

-C. xx


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