Doll Making -Part 1

Hello, Folks!

Today I wanted to talk about doll making!

Since I was a child I’ve always been fascinated by dolls, not so much the Barbie kind of dolls or the newborn babies type, but the raggedy handmade ones.
Strangely plastic dolls didn’t attract me as much. I recall one instance when my father had brought me a bag full of Barbie dolls he had found at one of his working sites (my daddy is a builder) I remember dismembering the Barbies, thinking they would make perfect aliens for our Playmobil.

I have vivid memories of the very first dolls I created out of socks, gloves and other scraps of fabrics. As I grew older my enthusiasm for doll making didn’t waver. If anything, thanks to Pinterest and the vast resources one can find online these days, it has amplified.

img_20160829_103945.jpgTo get started, I bought a PDF sewing pattern, of a vintage style bunny or bear doll, from Willowynn, on Etsy. I tweaked and altered the basis of the pattern for my own needs since I wanted to create a fox and a cat.

What attracts me about doll making is the same need for storytelling that guides any artistic endeavour I take. Dolls are vessels for storytelling. They are a bridge between reality and magic.

I am a perfectionist at heart, however, with DIY dolls, no dolls look the same and each wonkiness and imperfect stitch here and there is what creates the backstory, the origins of that doll.

This first version of Kitty Cat was very wonky and my stitches were pretty bad, to be honest.

img_20160828_160836.jpgThe second attempt was much better.

Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat is a project I started a little over a year ago. It started as a series of illustration representing our holidays around the world, as Mr. Fox (Tom) & Kitty Cat (myself)

At this point, Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat have become more than a representation of us and our trips, they now have their own stories in the back of my mind and I want to tell those stories regardless of what is going on in our personal life. I suppose it is a way to preserve our privacy too.


This set is my personal Mr. Fox & Kitty Cat, they aren’t perfect but they are very dear to me because of those exact imperfections, and I suppose, being the first set, I ought to keep them, right?
In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be creating more dolls which will eventually be on sale in my Etsy shop.
As of now, I’m off to create clothes for our little friends!

Smookiss Xx


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