DIY/ Framed Japanese Sweet Wraps

Every now and then, Tom, my fiancé brings me Japanese sweets that he buys whenever he goes to the Japan Centre in Soho, London.

I love it! Not only because the sweet is always a new experience, but the wraps are so “KAWAII”!! They are so colourful with cute and quirky characters on them, and Japanese (writing) is so pretty to look at!

I had in mind to make use of those wraps, so I began collecting them and today I’ve decided to frame the few ones I had. Ideally, I would like to make a giant one, a poster size collage and frame that too.

Now let’s hope Tom keeps bringing me Japanese sweets, or we might have to take a trip to Japan! 🙂

So here’s a quick and easy DIY.

You can do this with whatever type of packaging you like to collect. The idea is to pick something you like such as tea boxes or the paper wrapped around tomato cans…

You’ll need:

  • A frame.
    I’m using a black frame MARIETORP, 21 x30 cm, from Ikea.
    I’m also keeping the border, which leaves a display area of 13x18cm.
  • A collection of wraps.
  • Tape.


First, you want to create a collage by positioning your wraps side by side. Because the wraps I’m using are rectangles and squares of various sizes, this makes it easy to test different combinations.

Just go for what looks nice to you. You can always cut and trim them if need be.

Make sure the collage will fit inside the frame or the space you want to allocate for display if you are using a border.


Then tape the wraps together on the back. Tape the collage to the border edges to secure it.


Frame it and voila!

Ideally, this would look good in a kids room, I reckon. For now, it has found a neat place in our kitchen, dining area. I love the slight reflections and shine you get as you walk past by.


Have a lovely and creative Saturday!

-C xx



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