The big move & snippets of our flat.

I have lost all sense of time lately and I’ll admit that it has been hard finding the will to write when you are riddled with guilt for not unpacking, plus I always struggle to focus when my surrounding is in a mess…


But at last, here we are!

We’ve only been in our flat for a little over two weeks and it has only just begun to feel like a “home”. It is truly a lovely place, with a great view of London city skyline and the town we are in now, seems very promising.
The most exciting feature is probably the balcony which, when you can’t afford a garden, is the next best thing to have when living in London! Needless to say that we are already longing for warm summer evenings…Oh wait, did I mention we live in London? Wet barbecue anyone?

All jokes aside, we are really happy with the flat and feeling very lucky to be in here together.

Last weekend we unpacked our last boxes and to be fair we are still in the phase where we have to remind each other where things are or ask  for “permission” to place a frame on a particular wall, but these are gentle reminders that this place has to feel right for the both of us. We have to learn this place together and create a visual language that we both know how to speak.

So far everything we’ve done: George Pompadom is up on the wall, Buddy Badger has found his little hut under a bookshelf and most of our quirky and odd treasures are on display,  is a great reflection of our taste and personalities.

If I had to describe it, I would say our flat is beautifully peculiar.



The decor most certainly resembles us, which is what we love about the idea of a home. Not something that looks clean and polished, like a perfect picture out of Pinterest or an Ikea magazine. We want it to feel alive and magical.

However, we are also trying to tone it down and find the right balance. We have too many great treasures (well, to others they are just bizarre and creepy things) and trying to fit it all in, would turn this place into some sort of museum or a monstrosity gallery, lol.



Although unpacking and arranging our belongings went pretty fast, in a way, the flat is still in a premature state. For one, it is not yet completely furnished. We need chairs for the kitchen table in the dining area. We need outdoor furniture for the balcony. We are undecided as to whether we should buy a wardrobe for our bedroom or buy a second clothes rack like the one we have in the spare room, which is at the moment an open wardrobe/walk-in closet style. We need frames for our artworks and photos and still need to put a couple of shelves up on the walls…all subsequent details that will bring and tie the style together and give it that homely feel.


DSCN5545Hello, George! 


Luckily decorating and creating things is one of my favourite hobbies. I find it comforting. I think I got it from my mother. When we first came to France from Portugal, we lived in the tiniest of home for a family of 5 and yet, Mama turned it into the prettiest and cosiest of places on Earth. More than 20 years later I still have vivid memories of little “casa velha” (Portuguese for, old house) I hope to create such place here, so Tom and I can look back to it one day, with great pleasure and fond memories.

All in all, I’m really excited about the next step of decorating our flat and refining the details; and last but not least, I am looking forward to our first dinner and house warming party!






7 thoughts on “The big move & snippets of our flat.

    • Bah notre inconnu sur le portrait 🙂

      Pour l’anecdote, Tom avait trouvé ce portrait dans une des maisons où il résidait à l’époque. Lors d’une discussion je lui ait fait la remarque qu’il faudrait bien lui donner un nom à ce monsieur.
      On trouvait qu’il avait une tête à ce prénommer George, et nous y avons ajouté Pompadom comme nom de famille; un clin d’oeil au “chips” Indienne appeler “papadum” car je fait toujours l’erreur de les appeler “pompadom”

      Mais aucune allusion à Monsieur George Pompidou hein! 🙂

      • Enorme !!! je viens de passer 20 mns a rechercher George pompadom sur internet……. lmao !!!
        ( c’est chloe, btw 🙂 )

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