3 simple ways to start a GOMO lifestyle

FOMO is so last year, time to GOMO!

If you’re wondering what these acronyms stand for or if you have never heard of them, don’t worry I too was unaware of their meaning until a few weeks ago.

FOMO or fear of missing out  is a “lifestyle trend” which was pretty hot in 2014 but according to the Boston Magazine, it really started over a decade ago (circa 2000).

Ill have what she's having

I personally wasn’t aware of it as a “thing” but as I began researching and reading more about FOMO, I realised that it was the direction my life had already taken.

For me, the fear of missing out is really a result of our capitalist, consumer driven society.
We have too many choices and we are conditioned through media and advertising to believe that out of all these options presented before us, at least, there must be one that we need, we just don’t know it yet.

When I left Sweden and came back to London, I remember feeling like my life was about to begin. I was coming out of a bad relationship and I was seeking change and excitement, and somehow that meant going out more, seeing and discovering more.
It didn’t matter in what area (food, travel, art) I wanted to soak it all in and experience everything there was out there.

I had downloaded an app called FEVER, where I would get offers and notifications of trending things to do in London. I would check Time Out every week to stay on top of upcoming exhibitions and events, but in the end, I probably went to only 5% of the events mentioned on Time Out, and  not a single one from Fever.

I realise now, in retrospect, that my state of mind wasn’t to actually partake in these activities or attend any of the events, but simply on wanting to be aware of what was happening out there. The focus wasn’t on me and my interest but on what the world was up to.

Now, this brings us to GOMO and its meaning.

GOMO or going out more often is the new rising lifestyle trend for this year!
(don’t ask me who set the trends, or how they come to be I have absolutely no idea)
Unlike FOMO, I think GOMO puts the focus on yourself and your interest. There is no pressure or fear of missing out on the trendy but rather to cater to what you love.

Gomo Pic green .jpg

As some of you may know, I am not the best at going out by myself. In one of my latest posts, I explain why and how I’m learning to change that. Therefore adopting simple habits to go out more often is truly something I am  looking forward to do.

So here are my 3 simple ways to start a GOMO lifestyle.


Whether it is going out for a run in the park , attending a yoga class or going to the gym, exercising is a great way to get you out of the house and keep you fit. What’s not to love about that?

2-Having “me time” 

As a freelance artist working from home, my room has naturally become the place where I spend most of my time, and as someone who enjoys being alone, I often don’t feel the need to go out or seek human contact when I’m by myself.
(thus being said, I am very sociable none the less 🙂 )

Having “me time” is a way to force myself to go out and disconnect, for an hour or two, from work and my social medias. The rules are simple, I must be out of my house and not stay away from a computer.

Reading a book at a café, going for a walk in the park, or going to the museum, are easy  and affordable ways to implement a bit of GOMO into your weekly schedule.

3-Do something exciting at least 1 a month

What I mean by that is, I think we should always have something exciting or different to look forward at least once a month.

Signing up for a gaming conference, catching up with your best friend on a weekend getaway or going to a festival, having a special time coming up in your calendar will make life just that little bit more exciting.

Sites such as Eventbrite is an awesome platform to discover all sorts of events happening near you or while you’re away on vacation. You can even sell tickets online to your own event in your area!

Quote motive

Here are the few events I would like to attend in the coming month.


-Art Nouveau 1900, by Anne Anderson. 12 April 2016 – Time15:00 to 16:oo / £14 tickets

I haven’t attended an Art Talk in a while and I feel that with my line of work and passion, I should attend more of this. Looking forward to it!

-U-Speak! #blacklove, by  AfroDNA. 20 April 2016  – Time: 19:30 / Free  tickets

Another talk but this one will be more in the form of an open discussion and debate. I do love a good debate and learning from others people experiences.
Black love is something that is rarely portrayed in media, and when it is, it is often under a negative light, so…does #blacklove still exist? Tag along to hear testimonies and share your views 🙂


-UCL Museums Murder Mystery for Museums at Night. 13 May 2016  – Time: 19:30 / Free  tickets

This is probably the one event I was really looking forward to but unfortunately, I will be away on holiday on that date, but I thought I’d share it regardless because it sounds so good!

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Although attending an event can be a fun way to experience new things, meet new people or learn  and a chance to GOMO, I still believe that ultimately there is no right or wrong way to do it. Perhaps gardening or beach combing, or being a “Festival connoisseur” will be your way to GOMO.

We all have something that picks our interest, something that tickles our fancy a certain way so why not use that and develop an interest and a passion for it, by doing so you’ll find yourself out and about curating to that special something of yours more often than you think!









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