Why I’m a Mooncup Lover

Today more and more women are opting for the silicone menstrual cup as an alternative to tampons and pads and there are plenty to choose from, but what exactly is a menstrual cup?


I first heard of the menstrual cup while living in Sweden. Back then I was barely working and money was tight. Something as essential  as buying a box of tampons and daily pantiliners was making holes on my small budget and was beginning to feel like a waste of money, so I began to look for a cheaper alternative.

I came to be aware of the menstrual cup through a video review for the Diva Cup.
(The video is in french)

I was instantly seduced by how body-friendly it seemed. Contrary to pads  and tampons, a menstrual cup collects your periods rather than absorbing it and because most tampons and pads are typically laced with additives and chemicals such as bleach, glue, chlorine or perfume and thus being in direct contact with your vagina walls it can cause PH unbalance and lead to skin irritations and dryness.

Based on that reason alone I acquired my first menstrual cup in 2014, and ever since I became a Mooncup girl I’ve never looked back!

It was pretty tricky to get used to it at first. From day one, I was very comfortable wearing it but the insertion step required more getting used to, so did the taking it out. I often pushed it too far and kinda had to “dig in” to pull it out. However I didn’t give up and now I have a swift and smooth technique for both in and out!


Today I own two Mooncups, which makes it easy to switch and wash though I tend to keep them separate, one in my handbag and one at home.


It has truly changed the way I live my menstruation and view my body during that time of the month. I remember dreading and hating the arrival of my periods. Nowadays it has become as banal as a beauty routine. I know I can trust my Mooncup and knowing that I am doing no harm to my body makes me feel great.

Another feel good aspect of the menstrual cup is since the blood is being collected directly inside of my body, there are no more odor problems. My skin and menstruation blood are no longer “resting” on the pad which can cause an unpleasant smell since it becomes exposed.

In a way, using a Mooncup has helped me reclaim my body and ingrained the notion that periods are something natural and normal, and we women don’t need lavender scented pads or tampon to mask it. Periods are not dirty!
It is also very “reassuring” and funny to realise that the amount of blood I actually loose during my period is a far cry from what I use to envision…


…something straight out of The Shinning. lol

 Last but not least, the menstrual cup has a low impact on the environment, which is always a great criterion to look for on a product.

On average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in a landfill or in the sea. (http://www.mooncup.co.uk/)

In addition to my Mooncup, I’ve recently purchased new  washable, re-usable organic bamboo pantiliners. It can also be used during your periods. I got mine from an Etsy seller called: EcoHearted

They are so well made and soft!


Note: I find it best to wash them by hand or on a gentle cycle. I used to own a pair from a different brand which shrank considerably when I washed them in the washing machine.

I was told that these ones from EcoHearted, would not shrink though but they are so pretty and fluffy I won’t take the risk πŸ™‚


Trying to live a sustainable lifestyle ultimately comes down to choice. Not every woman will feel comfortable using a menstrual cup and that is ok, but there are alternatives that are environment-friendly and body friendly we can consider.

We live in times where knowledge is accessible at the tip of our fingers. Just by doing a bit of research we can make a difference to better our lives, the lives of others and protect our planet. So why not?



8 thoughts on “Why I’m a Mooncup Lover

  1. I have super sensitive skin and recently I have become sensitive to tampons so decided to use a mooncup, i love it BUT I have the same problem as you did, getting the positioning right, inserting and removing it starts to make me sore after a few days so i am obviously not doing it right. Unfortunately there isnt a descent video, diagram or explanation of how to do these things so last month I resported back to tampons half way through my period : ((
    Can anyone give me any advice please

    • Hello Mandy, I’m glad to hear you give it a go, and since you own one I’d suggest to give it another try.

      If you are getting sore, it definitely means your positioning it wrong. Probably too deep so that the little tail is rubbing right at the entrance. It should be hanging a little bit outside, but not too much either. In fact you should not be able to feel it.

      Also make sure when you are inserting it it feels straight. I find that sometimes I insert mine and it slightly feel side way so I can feel it.

      The method I find easiest to do is standing straight next to the bath tub. Then I lift my left leg up and rest it on the side of the bath tub and then I squat a little, as to have a wide enough opening. I then fold the Mooncup twice, and I hold it quite firmly towards the top, but not all the way up, just under the top edge, and then I make it slide, I only release it once it’s inside. And if I feel like it’s not completely up right I nudge it a little on which ever opposite side it’s leaning towards. (Just with one finger inside)

      I’ll try sometime soon to make an illustrated post of the way I go about it. hopefully it might help.

      But don’t give up, give it another shot, and if really it doesn’t work it’s ok too πŸ™‚ If you are sensitive there are good organic tampons brand with no chemicals, such as Natracare or Organyc.

      C. Xx

    • Don’t give up. I’ve converted loads of my girlfriends and we all have different techniques and preferences. If it’s still a problem you might want to try the Me Luna cup. They come in a rage of sizes, softness’ (firmness?) and grips. One friend of mine felt they were a better choice for her as she felt a Diva Cup was just TOO MUCH cup for her.

      I looked up the link to their FAQ for you πŸ™‚ – http://www.me-luna.eu/epages/63898218.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63898218/Categories/MeLuna_Informationsseiten/sizeguide

      Good luck, don’t give up.


    • When I first started using a mooncup (about 9 years ago) I went back to using tampons for a bit too, but after 2 or 3 periods I got it right. And ever since then, I have been astonished that anyone would use tampons or pads when mooncups are available!!

      I realised that for my body, I had to cut the mooncup’s tail right off, all the way back, so that there is zero evidence of there ever having been a tail on it! I grab the whole base between finger and thumb and squeeze to remove.

      To insert, I fold mine in half, with the inward fold tucked down into the centre so that it kind of makes a point. Then I position it in there and let it pop open, then I circle around it with a finger to make sure it is back to its original shape, and that my cervix is actually inside the cup (because, since having a baby, I have discovered that my cervix is shaped like a long pointy nose! If the cervix escapes the cup, of course the cup will not catch the flow! important!)

      Another thing I have realised is that it is much easier, and mess-free, to rinse the cup with a 750ml bottle of water (I keep one in the bathroom and refill after each use), and rinse the blood off into the toilet before re-inserting.

      I’m so thankful for this wonderful invention! You will be too! You have plenty of time to practise – eventually you will get it, and you’ll be glad you didn’t give up! xx

  2. I’m such a convert, I can’t imagine going back to tampons now! I first used one when i got my periods back after having my youngest, so five years ago now. It was awkward at first, and i worried about it leaking and falling out, but when you get the position right it doesn’t and won’t. I’ve found my technique now, and I cut the little tail off because that was making me sore. I’ve recommended them to anyone who’ll listen and I’ll definitely encourage my daughter to try one when she starts her periods.

    • Hello Clare,

      It’s great to hear how each woman have their own technique and know what works for them.
      I will never go back to tampons and pads either. Everything is so easy and feels natural with a Mooncup πŸ™‚

  3. Hello! I loved this post! I would like to know if i could use 2 illustrations from your post, to illustrate an web doc i am doing. It`s a serie of photographies about menstruation and the use of the menstrual cup. I`m brazilian, and i`m a black girl too! πŸ™‚

    • Ola Julia!

      I’m glad you liked it! And yes, you can use the illustrations as long as you credit me and this post, that would be fine πŸ™‚

      And please let me know when your post is up I’d love to read it. All the best!

      -C. Xx

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