Mood Board & Home Inspiration

In a few weeks, Tom and I will be moving in together. The flat will be fully equipped but unfurnished. That means a big blank canvas for us to play with and really put our stamps on. The downside, though, if we are not careful it can quickly become an expensive challenge.

We both have very peculiar taste, with a love for the bizarre and oddities, as well as a penchant for Scandinavian minimal home style.

img_20151029_123909.jpgSome of my treasures in my current room.

img_20160313_192121.jpgSome of Tom’s treasures in his current studio flat.

Bearing those facts in mind, I created a mood board “For Our Flat” on Pinterest.
I pretty much Pinterest everything I’m interested in. From recipes, DIY beauty tips, fashion to kitties.
I find it so helpful to be able to put aside ideas and visuals that will help shape the style we want to achieve in our flat. Also, these pictures being very dream-like and perfect, we are not trying to replicate them. The mood boards are simply a starting point and a guide to what is closest to our idea of a good home for us.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 19.35.10.png

Another key aspect of our decoration plans, is to DIY as much as possible and upcycle pre-owned and loved furniture.
Using sites such as  or Gumtree, we’ve been able to get a rough idea of what we will be able to get for free. Charity shop, flea markets, and auctions are also good options will be sure to check out.


In the end, what will make our place a home, is how we will be able to inject both of our personalities into the flat decor and ultimately turn it into a safe and pleasing space for us. Somewhere we will enjoy to spend time together and alone. A place we will enjoy coming back to, where we will share a table with family and friends and most importantly a place where making memories will be fun and beautiful.



5 thoughts on “Mood Board & Home Inspiration

  1. It’s exciting to move into a new place. A fresh start, new ideas, so much fun to be had! Looks like the both of you have the same likes. I am sure your new place will be beautiful! Enjoy your time with each other planning and creating a loving place of your own! Best wishes to you! Koko:)

    • Thanks ever so much Koko πŸ˜€ I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. And after reading some of your DIY posts, I’m feeling confident more than ever, can’t wait to get creative! Have a lovely day. Xx

      • You are an artist! You are already there! I love your work by the way! Super cute. You are so talented! I showed it to my daughter and we ooo and awed over your instagram! Love it! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you! I do feel lucky to have a big passion for art and being able to carry it through drawings.

        I love you instagram too! All the kitties and doggies are my dream life ahah You & your daughter are stunning ladies, which is a treat for the eye πŸ˜€ Xx

      • You are so precious! Let’s keep the inspirations and cuteness going! Hahaha. You have really inspired me to make some art. I have many blank walls that need something special. πŸ™‚

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