My Beauty Routine

Today I wanted to talk about beauty. Not about beauty makeup but things I do to keep a clear and healthy skin.

My routine is rather basic and minimal. I’ve been doing the same routine ever since I could wash, with the exception of introducing coconut oil in the past 5 years.

So this is pretty much what I look like in the morning, no makeup (I never wear makeup apart from lipstick on very few odd occasions), no moisturising, fresh off of bed.


I’ve been lucky and didn’t get any acne problems during puberty. I tend to have few odd spots, which in fact are just small skin irritations that I tend to pick and scratch which then leave small unevennesses in my skin tone. (I know I really need to stop!)

Apart from that, I don’t have any major problems. However, I think doing little to my skin and sticking to a mostly natural based product I’ve managed to minimize unbalances.


My routine is very basic. First I wash up with a mild, gentle soap (preferably paraben and sulfate free) or an organic soap bar and friction my skin with my hands. I then scrub the dead skin with a natural body brush, (I got mine from Body Shop) while my body is lathered in soap.


I rinse and then rub organic coconut oil all over my wet body and face. I take a quick second rinse and step out the shower. I loosely pat myself dry and lightly rub coconut oil again (just to add a little extra moisture)

I’ve only been using coconut oil for the last 5 years but instantly fell in love with it after the first use. It really does wonders for me! I use it in several ways and will make a post at some point to vent its merits πŸ™‚


Sometimes I add 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil to my coconut oil before rubbing it in. I do this when I feel my skin is starting to break. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties which can help with treating breakouts.



Once to twice a week, I do a coffee scrub. My partner Tom is a bit of a coffee lover in comparison to me who drinks cheap instant coffee, so I’ve started collecting the leftover brew from his fresh coffee beans, it’s a great and inexpensive way to have a natural homemade scrub.

Note, I do all of the above on both my body and face.

And voila!




3 thoughts on “My Beauty Routine

  1. I’m going to start with…you are stunning! And I love your hair! Coconut oil is my go-to. I use it for everything. I enjoy putting it in my smoothies too. Even my pets like it! Everyone needs to see your post to see the benefits of coconut oil! Great post! πŸ™‚

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