News Update


Welcome to the new followers and apology to the old ones for the lack of post, especially the follow-ups on my Cape Verde trip but it’s all coming soon!

For some unknown reason, all our holiday pictures I had collected from Tom got corrupted in my external drive and became unreadable. 😦

It’s not too much of a big deal since Tom has copies on his computer but I haven’t got round to get them off of him for the second time. The holiday was a little hectic and work was really demanding in the weeks before Christmas and life just get’s in the way I suppose…

But you know, new year, resolutions and all I’ll make the effort this week and will write further more about our holiday.

I’ll soon be introducing the DIY and Style section on my blog! I’m really excited about it and I hope it will inspire you and get you crafting and dressing up!

Thanks for sticking around ^_^





6 thoughts on “News Update

  1. Your artwork is awesome! πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading your blog backwards…enjoying your trip very much. Chile looks like a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day!

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