How/What to pack for – CAPE VERDE

How to pack for Cape Verde01Tomorrow we’ll be heading off to Cape Verde, for just under 2 weeks. (We are spending two nights in Lisbon, one on the way to and one on the way back from Cape Verde.)

Despite the excitement and anticipation of going on holiday, packing always feels like a stressful task to tackle. Doesn’t matter if I make a list I always feel like I am forgetting something. So this is probably not the best guide, nor does it has the pretension of having a lot of thought put into it, but this is what I’ll be taking with me for a 2 week (12 days to be precise) trip to Cape Verde.

I hope it may serve as a starting point for some. 🙂

How to pack for Cape Verde02I could easily fit everything into my large rucksack but I want to have the flexibility of a smaller day bag while in Lisbon and Cape Verde. Also it is very handy to keep the small backpack with all the things you need at hand while on the plain. (Passport, wallet, camera, snacks, books etc)

How to pack for Cape Verde03

So here’s the actual list of what I’ve packed:


– 2 classic dress

-2 tshirt dress (one doubles as a beach wear)

-2 jumpsuit

-1 short

-1 skirt

-2 tank tops

-2 crop tops

-1 t-shirt

Underwear/ Beachwear

-4 bottom swimwear

-4 top swimwear (2 of them can be worn are daywear tops)

-2 bodies

-8 cotton underwear

-2 pair of crop socks


-1 loose kimono cardigan

-3 head wraps (doubles as beachwear or wraping skirts

-1 pair of walking sandals

-1 pair of trainers (I’m leaving from London, and it’s too chilly for sandals right now lol)

How to pack for Cape Verde04

This was the fun part! I highly recommend using a vacuum pack when trying to save space. I used one when we went to Scotland and it’s very efficient to keep your clothe dry in humide to rainy weather.

How to pack for Cape Verde05 My essentials fits in two small little travel beauty bags. I’ve packed:

  • 1 washable cotton liner pad. ( I usually use it a week before my periods arrives)
  • 2 moon cups, two because it’s easier to switch and wash. (this is for when the actual period comes lol).
  • 1 crystal deo and a natural antiperspirant vegan cream.
  • Hand made coconut face scrub
  • A coconut, shea butter and argan oil bland cream for my hair.
  • Natural coconut oil for my skin + and additional small bottle of baby oil.
  • Shampoo + Conditioner (small bottles)
  • Soap bar
  • disposable razor
  • Water spray (for hair)
  • Hair teaser, and afro comb.

And voila! That’s pretty much it for me! I should go double check everything now and review our itinerary for tomorrow!

Catch you guys when I’m back. Hopefully with a bunch of tales to tell!

Smookiss!! ( a smoothie and a kiss :P)



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    • Hi Elton. Thank you but it’s nothing special really. I got the pic online from Google image search (oops) and then just added the text and used various typo and painted on top with a rough brush. All done in photoshop. 🙂

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