Travel Diary/Scotland. Aug.15 (Part 8 The End)

Until Next Time Knoydart!

Friday. 14/08/2015

On Friday morning we packed away our tent and gathered all our belongings. We sat down at the bunkhouse for a while, had a cuppa before heading to the little café for lunch. We dropped our bags by the pier, under an open shed and went on a last walk along the beach, where we came on our first day.


It was lovely! We managed to pick some more souvenir, thus being drift woods, flowers and any bones or skull we could find. Tom has a great eye for finding treasures, he spotted the cutest baby sheep skull (I was super jealous but sucked it up lol)

After that we ran off to the pub for a last Knoydart Pint, which we had to finish on the taxi boat back to Mallaig.


We got on the train towards Fort williams, where we would catch the Caledonian sleeper train back to London. It was such a lovely ride, we crossed the bridge as seen in Harry Potter with the Hogwarts Express. It was pretty surreal, not only because we ended up in a “movie” scene…sort of, but because the sight was amazingly beautiful and took us where the stuff of dreams and fairytale are made of!


Our evening started in the Caledonian sleeper train restaurant, we had dinner and wine, shared childhood memories and had silly laughters. We then tried different whiskies  or was it scotch? And once again we were the last one standing while everyone had gone to sleep. We did not sleep right away that night either…you know small cabines, alcohol and moving carriages always tickles my fancy 😛

Saturday 15/08/2015 

We overslept the next day and by the time we realised it we were already in London, Euston station. We got out. I forgot my large wood coaster, Tom ran back to get it for me. I loved him more for it. We got on the train. I don’t know for Tom but I felt dirty but so privileged and grateful for our week away. And then reality came creeping in. No more “good morning” by strangers, no exchanged smiles just because…we were in London.

But we were also “home” together and the memories we had created for ourselves had just given us that extra bound and friendship in our blossoming relationship, and I knew one day we would look back to them and I hope we will be filled with the same joy and wondering gaze we felt back in Knoydart. One day we will go back 🙂


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