Travel Diary/Scotland. Aug.15 (Part 6)

Occasion Manquée!

Wednesday. 12/08/2015

On Wednesday, Tom and I decided to stay near the campsite and explore the surroundings. We hoped to do more mussel picking that day. Also from the start of our trip, Tom had been talking about hoping to see some sea otters and we were told that it would be possible to see them in one particular spot just during rising-tides and so we headed that way.


The Weather wasn’t great, it was constantly spitting but still pleasant enough to enjoy the views and being in each others company. (Tom played another one  of his subtle prank on me, and I always fall for it)


We walked along the shore up to the other side but were unlucky and didn’t spot any otters. We climbed on a semi detached rock and enjoyed our lunch on our brand-new green plastic groundsheet we had bought the day before in Mallaig. It turned out to be a very handy buy for the type of weather (or not) we were facing!

After lunch we walked back and stopped to pick mussels. We filled a tote bag almost in full and were delighted with the prospect of dinner that evening!


We saw a beautiful dragonfly and were in good spirit and felt rather cheeky. Somehow the idea of doing it in the outdoors, in the woods, was pretty exciting in the moment. We walked towards a corner of forest behind us. Tom laid the groundsheet cautiously on the wet moss, which at that point was probably as wet as…oh well.

Just as we were about to get serious about this a swarm of midges came out of nowhere and began to devour us. We packed up in a hurry and ran away. I wasn’t paying attention to the ground, too busy fighting off the midges, I stepped in a patch of moss which collapsed and sucked my foot in, all the way to my ankle. I was mortified!

Despite our laughable miserable attempt to be intimate in the great outdoors, we were still keen on the idea and went on in search of a better, quieter spot away from the little vampire bugs.

We ended up in a open field which was far enough from onlookers and clear from any midges. Once again we set our precious groundsheet. Things were about to go down, when suddenly Tom spotted a piece of jaw bone from a deer skull, as I began to look around I spotted a complete deer skull laying on the grass. It was in fantastic condition and pretty clean. My first skull find ( Tom had already found one with a bit of horn on it)  I was pretty excited!


We kept on looking and the situation became pretty glaucous and unsettling!

What had appeared to us like an open field at first, turned out to be something resembling The Dead Marshes from Lord of The Rings.
The more we looked the more we saw small to large puddles. Some looked bottomless others like dark mirrors. We began to notice more and more bones around us, even deer hooves. Then in one of the puddles I noticed two skulls and called on Tom to deal with it. He retrieved four skulls in total out of that murky water.


It was pretty puzzling because it appeared as if someone had put those skulls in there and we didn’t find any other type of bones.

What was also very unsettling were the large flatten grass areas. Most likely made by a large animal, very possibly by living deers. I was intrigued. Why would they come lay where others were resting in peace?

I guess it goes without saying that we did not “get busy” that day!


Eventually we left after further inspection of the area only to stumble across a rather large pack of wild deers grazing nearby private farm houses.

Never had I came so close to wild deers, especially young ones and not so young males with great looking horns!


That day ended on a lovely note. While the mussels were soaking in fresh water, we headed to the pier and try our luck at fishing. We didn’t catch anything.

Later on we cooked our mussels with a cheap white wine and even though they tasted great they were too gritty to be truly enjoyable, but still we were happy. We tried some venison stew made by Jeremy, one of the lodgers at the bunkhouse whom we had met on Monday, along with our cheesy mash, mange tout and sausage dinner.


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