Travel Diary/Scotland. Aug.15 (Part 5)

Easy Peasy!

Tuesday. 11/08/2015

The next morning we left the Knoydart Foundation Bunkhouse,  to set camp on the campsite nearby. At that point we weren’t sure if we would embark in another trip to wild camp somewhere else or stay near commodities in case another epic rain fell upon us.


Tuesday was a pretty easy peasy day. After setting up our tent, we went to Malaig to refill our food supply for the rest of the week.


We also had a table booked for dinner at The Old Forge, the only pub in the whole of Knoydart, also labeled as the most remote pub in Britain.

Upon arrival we had been “warned” about the owner of the pub, whom apparently wasn’t very liked by the locals. Other stories of police raids and guns surfaced as we met people during our trip. Despite the warnings, Tom and I are pretty good to judge for ourselves before forming any opinion. Plus, we were really looking forward to enjoying a good meal and a night out.


In the end we had a great time that evening. Tom ordered the “Loch Nevis Cullen Broth” (steamed fresh haddock, mussels & scallops) and I had “Hand dived seared Loch Nevis Scallops with leek fondue and homemade nutmeg mashed potatoes and toasted hazelnuts” which were both delicious!

Also followed by the “Forge Sticky Toffee pudding served with ice cream”


At the end, once all the guests were gone, we were invited to an “after party”  with the pub staff back at their bungalows.
And after a few too many drinks and laughters, we headed back to our tent and passed out…


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