On the road again. Destination: CABO VERDE!

Here we go!

This is promising to be a very special trip for me. Tom and I are heading to Cap Verde on Friday. Not many people know the volcanic archipelago of Cap Verde (Cabo Verde) located in the north-west coast of Africa and from where my family originates from. It feels like a journey into discovering my roots and heritage. I grew up with a strong Cap Verdean culture at home, intertwined with French and Portuguese culture. I understand and speak (with an accent) Creole, the Cap Verdean local language, I know our traditions and ways but nothing compares to experiencing it first hand in the country itself.

I don’t want to anticipate it too much and I’m trying as much as possible to avoid building certain expectations, but whether it goes well or bad, it will be a trip to remember.

One can say that any places you go to will always give you something to remember. The experience and memories you take away with you is what makes it all worth it. I believe you can gain a better understanding of your own self when travelling. Especially when travelling off the beaten tracks. There is something to be found in being lost.

I hope to lose and find myself again in a place that feels so familiar and yet that I know nothing of. Going Cap Verde, feels like going home inside of me and walking a bit further in the journey of knowing who I am.


4 thoughts on “On the road again. Destination: CABO VERDE!

  1. Have fun discovering your roots. I’m sure it will be a great journey, as long as you are open minded and with few expectations as you indicated

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