Travel Diary/Scotland. Aug.15 (Part 4)

How it changes!

Monday. 10/08/2015

We woke up on Monday morning to a glorious sunshine. It was rather hot that day and we went for a quick morning dip before heading out to carry on our peninsula round circuit.


We had to cross a river and I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive. The rocks on the river bed were pretty slippery and you don’t want to fall in cold water with all your equipment strapped on you. But we did it, and once you are on the other side you realise it wasn’t so bad after all 🙂


As usual, but never growing bored of it, we were greeted with splendid views, black faced sheep grazing on the side of the path and…midges.
I am prone to attract mosquitoes, horse flies and bugs when outdoors, but never had I encountered midges before. They are not as bad as horse flies which really leave me hitching for days and always give me bad scars, but despite being small, midges are fierce and persistant and my nightmare during the trip.


By the time we reached the top of the road path, a heavy rain broke down.
What started as the best weather we had had thus far turned out to be the worse day of the entire trip.
It felt like the Biblical Flood gates were open. We had to take shelter in the forest and sat inside our tent for lunch, hoping that by the time we would be done the rain would have stopped or at least calmed down. It didn’t.
We decided to bite the bullet and hope for the best. Still it didn’t. It got worse. But looking back at it now it was one of my favourite day. This is how I pictured wild camping and trekking. The feeling of vulnerability while being in nature. Being caught off guard by the elements.


But the highlight of it all was the memories we created and I think Tom and I bonded a lot that day. To forget about the rain and the fact that we were tired and soaking wet, we played a game of song guessing by doing poor “LA-LA-LA’s” it was great fun and kept our spirit up. To this day we play it at random and it has become one of our personal weird-funny things we do, based and born out of a shared memory.

Eventually we made it to the Knoydart Foundation Bunkhouse.
It was great to be able to have a shower, dry our clothes and gear and enjoy a cuppa by the fire place.


3 thoughts on “Travel Diary/Scotland. Aug.15 (Part 4)

  1. The nature in Scotland looks just totally beautiful. I’d love to explore this part of Great Britain myself, too. For the moment, thank you very much for your diary 🙂

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