Travel Diary/Scotland. Aug.15 (Part 2)


Saturday 08/08/2015.

In Inverie and the entire peninsula of Knoydart there is but one pub, The Old Forge! One would think that being lodge in such a small and remote area this pub would be an awesome place to gather as a community, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it. But anyway that’s a story for later!

So we stopped at The Old Forge where I enjoyed my very first pint of local Ale. I’m not a big drinker, in fact I tend to always stay safe and have the usual suspect for me being a gin and tonic. But I was on holiday and willing to try new things. After all I was camping in the wild and backpacking for the very first time!

After our drink we decided to head off to the beach where we could set our camp. According to our map a sandy beach wasn’t too far away on foot.


The view was amazing! The weather not so much but it wasn’t raining…


Since the tides were low we began mussels and cockles picking. Tom and I, both excited by the idea of “eating off the ground” lost a bit track of time or I should say of the weather!

But unbeknownst to me, Tom had kept an eye on a grey fat cloud which had been slowly coming towards us. All I can remember from that moment is him telling me, “We need to get moving the rain is coming” and suddenly it was already upon us, it was light but persistent and we had not set camp yet. And then Tom said…”We don’t have any water?!!”
SHIT A BRICK!! With all the excitement and anticipations we had forgotten the most basic and vital thing of all when going wild camping, WATER!

We had mussels and cockles alright, but no water to cook them in and the only drink we had in the past 4 hours were coffee and alcohol. We needed to find shelter fast and go back out there to find WATER.


By the time we reached the sandy beach we were rather wet. I would not call it soaking wet, I learned later on what that entailed.


Despite our building disappointment with ourselves for forgetting what one could consider as the number one rule of wild camping, the highlight of our misfortune was the encounter with a deer mother and her young.

It felt so surreal. No one was there except us and them. They were so close. I remember thinking they were some sort of nature spirit sent to us, like a little sign telling us we’ll be fine and to not stress over our situation.


And before you know it, we had made camp in the most gorgeous little “private” spot with an incredible view!


And we did find our water! Dinner was served and we ate and drank, hoping that we had not just poisoned ourselves!


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