Travel Diary/Scotland. Aug.15 (Part 1)

Goodnight London!

Friday 07/08/2015

Our last evening in London was spent with a “cheeky Nandos” waaay too spicy for my tastebuds, before heading to Euston station to embark on the Caledonian sleeper train for Fort Williams, Scotland.


I’m not sure which one of us was the most excited. As Tom explains it, getting on the sleeper train is like time-traveling. You are in one place at one moment, you close your eyes and “Kaboom” in a puff of smoke you wake up in another land!

We left Euston station on a warm and cool evening and woke up in a compact and cosy cabin tucked under our white duvet, contemplating mountains and valleys rolling, unfolding and rolling again in front of our eyes.


Once again, as I always do when I am faced with the breathtaking landscapes of Nordic countries, I found myself overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Taken into a tolkienesque world where adventures, trolls and dragon eggs awaits, and there we were on a Good Morning Scotland!


Malaig to Inverie, Knoydart

Saturday 08/08/2015.

We arrived at Fort Williams around 10am, after shopping for food and a quick full Scott’ breakfast at the local Morrison, we took a replacement bus to Mallaig.


Upon arrival we realised the shuttle service we were hoping to use to get to Inverie, only ran from Wednesday to Friday but luckily someone had cancelled their reservation for a Taxi Boat so we managed to get a seat on that instead.


And here we were in Inverie!

Inverie is the village on the peninsula of Knoydart in the Scottish Highlands. A remote little place we were about to venture in, and I’m not sure we were fully prepared for it…or were we?


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