Time for change


How long has it been since I’ve been here O_O

Life comes and do what she does best…sweep you off your feet I guess. The reason I stopped posting on here has nothing to do with me stopping drawing. In fact I’ve been super productive, wrote and illustrated my first children book, working full time for a game company as a freelance artist and animator…

But somehow having to post on so many platform at the same time is something I struggled with. And not being able to customize or organize things how I wanted made me feel…sad perhaps?

Anyway it’s with a certain sadness that I am closing this site (not right away but it will happen) I’ve designed my own through WIX.com and feel like it reflects who I am the most. Plus I get all my links, platforms and blog on the right same location which is really handy for me as I tend to forget to check all my links.

So voila

Thank you to all of you who used to follow me on here and be a great support 🙂 I’m relocating but feel free to get in touch! I’ll be going through all of my followers and save your links back to my new site so I can get back in touch and have a long overdue catch up!

If you want to check my new site it’s over here: http://lilasoul.wix.com/website

Once again thanks everyone! <3!

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 9.29.08 PM


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